wigo at the airport


1. Drive to the Holiday Parking

You can find dedicated wigo parking spots at the airport Holiday Parking.


2. Drive into the parking

If the barrier doesn't lift automatically, please use the entrance card placed in the glove compartment. You don't have to pay for parking.


3. End your trip

Drop off your car at a dedicated wigo parking space. An airport fee of 3 290 Ft will be charged after you end your trip.

here's how to get to the wigo airport
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Stay on main road 4

Exit at the fork to Liszt Ferenc Airport 2

Take the third exit of the roundabout

Drive into the Holiday Parking

Follow the carsharing signage and end your trip at a dedicated wigo parking space

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1. Reserve your car in the app

Your car awaits you in the Holiday Parking, a few minutes' walk away from the terminal - just follow the carsharing signage.


2. Pick up your car

Start your trip in the app and drive out of the parking. The parking barrier will automatically lift.


3. Park for free in the city

Simply park anywhere within the wigo zone. An airport fee of 1 690 Ft will be charged, after you end your trip in the app.

a little
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If the barrier does not open, use the access card in the blue plastic bag in the glove compartment: tap it in the space indicated at the barrier.

Please always put the card back in its place after use!

The fee for starting the trip in the airport parking lot is 1,690 Ft.

The fee for completing the trip in the airport parking lot is 3,290 Ft.

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