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wigo is the state-of-the-art way of business carsharing right now. wigo business offers a flexible,
tailor-made solution for your company or individual business.

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For small enterprises
Are you an independent contractor or a company of a few people looking for carsharing?

open a Business profile and invoice your business trips with a VAT invoice! already have a profile?
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For middle-sized and larger corporations
Do you need individual pricing and monthly invoicing?

let's talk about it and open a Corporate Account.
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the prices

Up to 70% lower cost han a taxi!
prices include: ✓ parking in the wigo zone insurance, ✓ maintenance and fuel costs, ✓ company car tax and ✓ motorway vignette fees

the cars

Pick from almost 500 cars to find the one that suits you best! Order to your office or home,
or just browse around with the wigo app.

the airport

Hop in before take off, start your journey with ease!
Arrive directly at the airport by wigo and park your car in the wigo car park near the terminal.

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Contact us and let's proceed with your needs in mind!

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If you are the only user

Make the accounting of your company trips easy! If you want to use wigo for your business trips, create a business payments profile. To do so, contact us at business@wigomobility.com.

If you are just one of the users

Reduce the cost of business trips! If you're looking for a transparent solution to manage your colleagues' business trips, request a corporate account. To manage your corporate account, you can appoint an administrator who can edit your company's billing details, invite colleagues and manage invoices for business trips.

To use wigo business, your colleagues must also have a valid individual registration in wigo.

For business users, you can log in as an administrator here.

For business solutions and free consultations, contact the wigo business team:


You have several options:

● If you want to use wigo for your own business trips, choose the business profile

● If you are looking for a cost-effective and transparent solution for your colleagues' business trips, request a corporate account.

For more information, visit the wigo business page!

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