Fueling and charging

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You don't have to pay to fill up your wigo car at our partner petrol stations (OMV and MOL). Open the app, find your nearest partner station and follow the steps below.

how to fuel with
wigo? /

Visit an OMV or MOL fueling station

Get your fuel card (OMV or MOL depending on the partner petrol station)

Your fuel card PIN is displayed in the app

Read the correct fuel type on the inside of the fuel filler cap door

Enter your fuel card PIN when paying

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Hop in or out anywhere in Budapest and its surroundings in the wigo zone spanning over nearly 100 km2, or discover the whole country if you like!

wigo electric car
charging /

You can charge your electric car for free at Mobiliti charging stations, you can find the charging points in the Mobiliti app using the wigo filter.

how can I charge a wigo
car? /

Find an available charging point near you in the Mobiliti app

Download the Mobiliti app, set the wigo filter, choose a charging point near you, then check if there is an available charging point (free charging points are indicated green in the Mobiliti app).

Park at the charging point and plug in the charging cable

When you arrive, open the charging port on the side of the car and plug the charging cable into the car.

Hold the card in front of the card reader on the charging station

After the charger is connected to the port, take the charging card out of the glove compartment or the armrest and hold it near the reader on the charging station. There are charging stations on which you will find a "Start" button.

Charging is in progress

The estimated charging time is displayed on the dashboard of the car.

Put the charging card back in the car

Put the card back in its dedicated place in the car and select "Stopover" in the wigo app to continue your trip or end the renatal within the Home Area to earn extra credits.

how to unplug a wigo
car /


1. Unlock the car


2. Take out the charging card from the car


3. Unplug the cable from the car


4. Close the charge port door and put the charging card back in the car

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help? /

We only use petrol and electric cars in our fleet.

To refuel, follow the instructions in the wigo app and read the correct fuel type on the inside of the fuel cap door. Please do not use premium fuel (e.g. Maxxmotion) when refuelling our cars.

You don’t have to pay to fill up your wigo car at our partner service stations. Just find your nearest omv or mol partner station and use the fuel card placed in the armrest or glove compartment to pay for your fuel.

If you fill up your car at another petrol station, or if you do not use your fuel card to pay at partner petrol stations, you will have to pay the petrol fare yourself.

In this case, you should ask for a vat invoice from wallis autómegosztó zrt. Kórház u. 6-12. 1033 budapest (tax number: 32009754-2-41), including the registration number of the car you refuelled, and send us the original invoice.

In such a case, we will refund the price of the refuelling after receipt of the invoice, but the handling fee will be charged to you according to the prevailing tariff.

You don’t have to pay to charge your wigo car at partner charging points. Just find the nearest mobiliti station in the partner app and start charging.

If you fill up a petrol car with less than 20% fuel and fill it up at a partner petrol station, you will be rewarded with 2 390 wigo credits. Important: to qualify for the credit, the fuel level must be 90% at the end of your trip..

If the fill-up level of an electric car drops below 20% and you end your trip at a partner charging point within the wigo zone, you will be rewarded with 2 390 wigo credits.

The credits for refuelling and charging are valid for 60 days from the date of crediting. The validity of the wigo credit can be tracked in the wigo app.

The wigo credit can be used for base fare, minute and package rates, and extra kilometer fees; cannot be used for external zone, airport, and home delivery fees.

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