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have you packed? travel for 3 days with a 20%
discount /

Drive a wigo car for three days at a discount: whether it's a trip to Lake Balaton or a family weekend in the countryside, choose the one that suits you best and request conveniently with home delivery.

have wigo at your
doorstep /

home deilvery 3 990 Ft

Think ahead, ask for home delivery! Book wigo to your home: whether it’s a trip to the airport or a longer getaway, it’ll come in handy.

have wigo at your
doorstep /

schedule your carsharing

Open the app, right click on the calendar icon and schedule a car for when you'll need it! Choose your model, then select the time and place you'd like to have it.

ding-dong, it’s here!

At the time you requested, your car will be parked and waiting for you, within a few minutes' walk from the given address. Hop in and hit the road!

welcome home

Wherever you’ve been, the wigo zone will be waiting for you. Park anywhere within the zone, finish your trip! No need to worry about refueling or recharging!

make it fit your
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home delivery fee

Book a wigo car for your shorter or longer trips and we’ll deliver it to your home

3990 Ft


plus coverage

In the event of a damage claim, the deductible is capped at 100 000 Ft

400 Ft/hour

1999 Ft/days


airport fee

From airport to city

1690 Ft

From city to airport

3290 Ft


external zone fee

The fee for the external zone can be found in the app

490 Ft - 1590 Ft

tips and
tricks /


When you're not driving, pause your trip in the app to lock the car. If you want to continue your trip, just unlock the car in the app.

refueling and charging

It costs you nothing! You'll find a fuel card or charging card in every car, which you can use to refuel for free at OMV and MOL stations, or charge for free at our partner charging stations.

highway tolls

Feel free to travel across the country, because the Base fee of wigo cars includes highway tolls. Fuel cars come with a countrywide vignette and electric cars with a Pest county vignette.

full insurance

The total amount of your trip includes the Base Fee, which caps the damage deductible at 300.000 Ft. But if you select Plus coverage before your trip, this is reduced to 100.000 Ft.

a little
help /

You can request any car with home delivery.

You can use home delivery for any length of a trip, from a few minutes up to 3 days.

You can pre-book up to 30 days before your trip and up to 48 hours before your trip.

Your car will be at the location you specify approximately 1 hour before your scheduled pick-up time and you will see it as a reserved car just as if you had booked your own car in the app.

We will try to park the car as close as possible to the address you have given us, but you should not have to walk more than a few minutes to the pre-booked car.

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