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free parking

In the wigo zone, you can park your cars for free at any public parking spot, while following the general parking rules.

free refueling

You don't have to pay for refueling wigo cars at our partner gas stations. Just look for the nearest OMV or MOL partner filling station, and use the fuel card placed in the glove compartment to pay.

free highway vignette

The Base Fee includes a national highway vignette, and our electric models have a Pest county highway vignette.


Yes, every trip includes insurance! The Base Fee includes a damage deductible capped at 300 000 Ft. In addition to the Base Fee, you can choose the Plus Coverage for every trip, which caps the damage deductible at 1 00 000 Ft.

GPS in all cars

A built-in GPS system is available in all cars, and most models also feature Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, allowing you to conveniently travel from point A to point B while enjoying all the functionalities of your smartphone.

The prices found in the table and the app always reflect the current prices, including the discount of the relevant promotion.

In the case of active wigo extra membership, the 25% discount will be deducted at the end of the journey.

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registration fee

registration fee

The wigo registration fee is 1 990 Ft

1990 Ft

airport fee

airport plus fee

From the airport to the city

1690 Ft

From the city to the airport

3290 Ft

external zone fee

external zone fee

You can find the external zone fee in the app

490 Ft - 1590 Ft

home delivery fee

home delivery fee

Book a wigo car for your shorter or longer trips and we will deliver it to your door

3990 Ft

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set off on a 3-day trip with a 20% discount

Choose a wigo car now for 3 days with a 20% discount! Whether heading to Lake Balaton or a family weekend in the countryside, wigo will cover 20% of your trip cost.

register and get 3 000 wigo credits
with the WIGO3000 coupon code

Redeem the coupon code WIGO3000 at registration and get 3 000 wigo driving credits

hourly package discount

Travel even more cost-effectively, for 4 hours for the price of a 3-hour package, and take advantage of the extra time.


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