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wigo is the newest local carsharing service, the beginning of the era of simply better carsharing.
Register simply, log in and check out what's new at wigo!


win a daily ticket to Sziget with the SZIGET24 coupon
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Redeem the code and drive as much as you can with wigo between July 1 and 28 to have a chance to win one of the Sziget Festival daily tickets! The more you drive, the more entries you get, increasing your chances to win.

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Register for free with the SZIGET24 code and win one of 2 pairs of daily tickets!

Are you already a wigo user? Drive for minutes or hours and win one of 5 pairs of daily tickets!

Travelling for several days with wigo? You could be eligible to win 1 daily ticket for three people!

have you packed? travel for 3 days with a 20%
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Choose a car for three days at a discounted rate: whether heading to Lake Balaton or a family weekend in the countryside, you're sure to find the one that suits you best among the wigo cars!

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redeem the coupon code WIGO3000 at registration and get 3 000 wigo driving credits

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500 car keys in your pocket

Download and register easily! If you used our service before October 24, you can create a wigo account with your registered email and by requesting a new password.

travel for a few minutes or several days always at the best price

At wigo, you don't need to choose in advance how long you will travel. Based on the duration of your trip, we will always calculate the most favorable price for you from the available packages!

save 25% on all your trips with wigo extra

The discount applies not only to minute-based trips but also to hourly and daily trips.

photos of the car in the app

With wigo, you only need to take photos of the car's condition at the end of your trip. Take the required photos and report any damages at the end of your trip using the app.

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Carsharing is an innovative solution for urban car use. You can pick up and drop off your car anywhere in the wigo zone with a single app. There is no minimum or maximum usage time - this means you can use a wigo car for up to two minutes or up to 3 days.

Carsharing introduces a new approach to car ownership. A single carsharing car can replace up to 7-10 private cars in urban traffic. In the long term, this will reduce congestion levels, and as a result, carbon emissions will be lower in most of the world's cities.

Carsharing gives you the unlimited freedom of urban transport. wigo is available from as little as 75 Ft/min (with a wigo extra membership), which includes fixed costs for carsharing, insurance, fuel and maintenance.

As a new synonym for urban mobility, wigo helps you think differently about transport. Our aim is to make getting from A to B simply better for you.

Even if you have to get on the road, you can still have fun. Transport is part of life, so we've chosen some cars to brighten up your day!

Our fleet includes the following cars (electric cars are indicated by ⚡):


  • BMW 1-es Series

  • BMW X1


  • Fiat 500


  • Mercedes-Benz A-Class


  • 3 door MINI

  • MINI Cabrio


  • Peugeot 208

  • Peugeot 308

  • Peugeot e-208 ⚡️

  • Peugeot 3008


  • Opel Corsa-e ⚡️

Get the app, register easily and jump in your car: once you've successfully registered, you're ready to drive!

  1. Download the wigo app and set a new password.

  2. Use your old email address and request a new password

  3. You're good to go: your data and credits are still available.

If you get stuck, contact our customer support team on +36 1 444 7777 or kozpont@wigomobility.com.

wigo extra is your way to hassle-free carsharing. A monthly membership that suits you.

If you wigo often, go with wigo extra!

✓ Monthly membership

✓ 25% discount on all your trip, minute rate, package prices and overmileage fees

✓ Automatically renewed every month

✓ Start at any time, flexible cancellation

Switch to wigo extra!

1. Open the wigo app

2. Open the menu

3. Select "My account" from the menu

4. Next to the menu item "Mobility plans", press the "Edit" button

5. Select wigo extra 25 and save your changes!

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You can pick up and park your car anywhere in the more than 100 km² wigo zone. For longer journeys across the country, feel free to leave the zone and return at the end of your trip.

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